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the Kalinka legacy [challenge] part 17

archive+family treedownload-a-Kalinka
warnings: DEATH. lots of death.

time to roll a new challenge.. andd. yep. this probably explains that warning up there, ehehe.
..three wasn't enough for me, though! i killed over 10 passer-bys etc. :O

and so, Poppy was returned to her original form PLUS i aged her up to an elder. i see no difference, she's still like a zombie!

"i ain't even mad!"

AHHH that outfit, it fits him and his new grandpa-y looks like a glove!<3

oh! what could possibly be the reason for Despina's mysterious stomach ache?

don't pick favorites, Nemo!

time to start the killings... first up, this lovely maid lady. bye!

then this guy--- why is he trying to eat his own neck..? um, bye!

keeping Grim busy :)

"who are these people and why are they dying on my yard? :("



sorry & byeee

it was only tuesday, yet these kids already thought the week was THE BEST EVER.. crrrreepy.

just ignore the dying people, kids.. the little girl @ the bus was the next one to go.

awwh.. traumatized for life, anyone? :(

at this point i decided to stop taking pics of the dying sims, but the killings still continued..

she served food for everyone, but ended up eating almost everything by herself.. ah, pregnant sims<3

Yona kept having nightmares.. :(


the next night: first set of ghosts appear, yay!

teen-Ursula!<3 sent to college immediately..

can you tell what's happening? :D oh and what's that blob in the sea behind them, let see..

..oh. could you be any more dramatic?

anyway, this here is Elsa! Nemo&Despi just left her outside in the cold like this! >:( and i thought they were good parents!

aand then we had 'some' birthdays.. Yona (interesting hair bug there...)

Valdemar - both sent to you-know-where! :D


Muriel. cuteness everywhere!

:OOO holy-- LOOK AT THIS GUY. i spared him, eheejej
his name is totalhottie. yes.



she loves her life, yes she does.

elders have more fun. always!


Elsaaaa :) personality: libra; outgoing playful nice etc.

teen-Jamieee hurhurrr<3

D:..Harry, look behind you..

the wolf didn't eat him! time to plant some tomatoes, goddamn.

hnnngghhh<3 she's such a lucky kid, she gets the most attention

these two have some serious sibling rivalry issues.. SIGH.

three sips for Nemo (the heir always gets the most!), two for Despi.

next timeee... college times begin, hopefully! this time i'm planning to try out some new stuff during their college 'years'.. but ummm, we'll see

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