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the Kalinka legacy [challenge] part 18

archive+family treedownload-a-Kalinka
warnings: none

whoops, this part has way too many pics :O oh well
i just got photoshop and i'm still kinda trying to get used to it, so that's why some of these pics are rather ...horribad :(a

i didn't roll a new challenge this time, the focus is on getting dem damn kids out of the house. the heir poll will be posted after this entry!

the garden is in full bloomm :=)

like i said last time, Elsa is such a lucky kid.

you go girl!

you too..!



Despina, the queen of late/&slow reactions. your kids showed their A+ grades to you hours ago!

aged up already?

you better get used to it, Elsa..

"D: aaa why are they fighting aaa"

okay, just stop it already. >:I

why do they always look so worried when they look out of the window..?

Marduk is like, "yeah! you clean my bed, you pathetic mortal!"

Despina got a job. from the dance career, i think.

mmmm <3

the juicer has returned!

"grandpa look look lo---"

true art *__*

wait WHAT. what. almost missed this! POPPY, how dare you leave us like this?! well, bye, then. ;__;

..(also, don't you just hate how the game makes you feel guilty like this..? "you didn't get her enough aspiration points, now look how miserable she is!!")

aw geezz :(

OKAAY then, the show must go on. oh hi, totalhottie!!

they could 'afford' more of this amazing stuff, yay!!

Despina & some others wanted a kitten, so i adopted one. her name is Inna.

gotta take some bday pics once in a while..


hello and bye bye.

yep, bye byeee

TOMATOES. delicious tomatoes. at last!<3

hahaha.. yeah okay i admit it: i did subtract some days so she would age up faster :D:D


FINALLY, it's time to move on and start the college shenanigans..
this time we're gonna go see the youngest kids fist - Muriel & Emil & Elsa, that is

and here we areee @ their dorm! and Muriel is getting ready to kick Emil's ass - again.

Emil gracefully ignores her..

these kids are such athletes :D

yes, there is a bubble blower on the lot. big surprise..

it never ends. >:[
(and Emil's tie looks borked wtf)

Muriel thinks cheerleaders are AWESOME.

no words.

uhh, umm. she needs more practise..

oh u!


moving on to the older kiddos:

yes, they live in a... greek house! woo.

Jamie's -not convinced-

this looks like so much fun.. I WANT A POOL

i think Ursula might be addicted to videogames. this is a serious issue!

togas rule :D

fav room :)

one heir poll coming up..

OH RIGHT, i should probably "drop the bomb" before it's too late: after some intensive pondering, i've decided that Ursula and Jamie won't be in the heir poll.

i like them both a lot, but i want the ~chosen one~ to be a mix of Nemo and Despina's genes, you know. :()

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