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sarang ([personal profile] honung) wrote2011-08-15 11:26 pm
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grief syndrome

ookayyyy so time for something that is not the sims.

grief syndrome is a fan made game based on an anime called 'puella magi madoka magica/mahou shoujo madoka magica" :) i recommend it. it looks like another generic magical girl show, but trust me, it's not.

ANYWAY the game is pretty sweeeet. i suck at shooter/shooting games, and i am currently stuck @ the second level, but still! SO PRETTY dghdsksfjkahfsdf

have some screenshotssss

sometimes there are so many enemies on the screen, they make my comp lag a little

very soon after taking this pic, I DIED. see how the orb thingy is all black? yeah, that's not a good thing.

here's a gameplay video from the first level (video not mine):

and here's how you're SUPPOSED TO defeat the second boss (video not mine either, obviously):

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