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sarang ([personal profile] honung) wrote2011-08-20 08:07 pm
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the Kalinka legacy [challenge] the non-heirs 3

stupid school, consuming all my time... :( i wanna continue my legacyyyy...
and so, here's the new non-heir update post.

mostly mute picspam::

URSULA. single, no kids.

YONA. single, no kids.

VALDEMAR. single, daughter TESSA.

JAMIE. single, no kids.

(my nose hurts when i look at this pic)
MURIEL. married to RICHARD, twin daughters MONA & SARA.

EMIL. married to STEN, daughter SUSANNE.

so many baby girls, wtf. i'm not complaining, though!!
next... i need to upload these guys,,, SIGH

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