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the Kalinka legacy [challenge] part 21

archive+family treedownload-a-Kalinka
warnings: none


mwahahahahaha etc and so on

don't be fooled! this right here isn't just any innocent "i'm going to bed lalalala" -activity, but he was indeed planning to woohoo with his heavily pregnant wife!!!! SHAME ON YOU, MERLE

d'awww... he's such a good grandpa

sleepy babies, sleepy babies everywhere

is it just me, or does this look kind of ...dangerous? cat claws, meet face..

it keeps on snowing

sparkly food :D!!! we haven't had enough of that yet!

that's right, good girl. eat the sparkly food, ignore the smelly food.


tomato juice, here we come

you go, girl!

Flo swiftly runs into the bathroom to show off her good grades. what does her mom do? she takes Hon and leaves the room without saying a word. man, that's so cold..

Hon's birthday. Merle, you're off focus..

gah! so cute *__*

grandpa Nemo took the kids out for some fresh air


oh you..
(these two girls don't really like each other, by the way...)

he's getting old, haha

she seems awfully satisfied with her EVIL snowman :O~

so i recently got rid of some maxis-made townies and npcs, and this guy is one of the new npcs my game has spawned so far.. :D pretty cute, don't you think?


here we go again..

her audience :DDDd

TWINS! a girl and a boy. and they're not even complete clones!! WOW.
this baby is the girl, Scarlet. as you see, she has no nose. i have no idea whyy :O

and this is the first boy of this gen, Rügen

culinary genious..

he's making sure the residents of Kalinkaville are safe :DD

Merle certainly isn't the neatest sim in the household, but at some point he just couldn't stand the chaos in the kitchen anymore and took matters to his own hands...

don't get me wrong, totalhottie does keep the house clean when he's around, but after he leaves.. all hell breaks loose. maybe they should hire a butler..

nooooooo ): bye bye, Marduk...<3

since Marduk died and a certain someone had their wants panel full of PUPPY PUPPY KITTEN (again!), i got them this little guy.. his name is Hercules

this fab purple cop brought him in :DDd cute

triiiple birthdayyy

let's start off with the toddlers. here they are, Scarlet and Rügen.

closeups, please. Rügen is so handsome. and yes, he actually aged up with custom hair *__* so finally, PINK HAIRRRRR!!<3 & look at his ears. i'm not sure where he got them.. Despina? maybe Merle..?

Scarlet. one word: ADORABLE :O
AND ALSO red hair! she has maaany redheads in her family, so it's not really surprising, but awesome nonetheless

and teen Florence, wow.. *O* she keeps getting prettier and prettier all the time.<3
i think i might keep her around for a while..? maybe..

that's it for now.

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