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sarang ([personal profile] honung) wrote2012-01-01 08:11 pm

the Kalinka legacy [challenge] part 27

archive+family treedownload-a-Kalinka
warnings: none

yaaay it's 2012 now! :D

forgot to check personality points

forgot to check personality points ...

this is where i said goodbye to the beach lot. it had gotten SO INCREDIBLY LAGGY that playing on it was just.. painful.
i sent the two teens out of the house (so that there would be less sims on the lot), but it didn't make a difference.

i made them move into a new house in the middle of a forest. :) i've had enough of beach lots for now.

she had triplets ughhhh

from left to right: Sonya, Bryan, Milla
sagittarius - pisces - taurus

next time they'll have to move AGAIN, this house is far too small for all those kids..

bleh. i should update the family tree & downloads post..

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