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the Kalinka legacy [challenge] part 29

archive+family treedownload-a-Kalinka
warnings: nudity, blood, zombie pinup modeling

colleeegeeee... & the heir poll will be posted right after this post. how exciting!

OH and fyi: Tinka and Pinna aren't in the poll. i left them out because they were born from the combination of Scarlet x a random dormie who was never seen again, instead of Scarlet x Vamsi...
i hope i didn't ruin anyone's.. 'voting plans' with this :/

Tinka and Pinna spent their college times isolated from the other kids, too.. mostly because for some reason the game wouldn't let me put all the siblings in the same dorm, even though there was plenty of room. i got lazy and threw the two of them in one of the old dorms..

anyway, here we go. usually i'd start with the oldest kids (Tinka, Pinna..), but this time i'll go with the younger kids instead

(the girl with yellow hair is Amalia, i forgot to take pics of her child stage..)

aaand now to the older kids..

that was dramatic, wasn't it?
i thought Tinka looked nice as a zombie, so i decided to take some ~super hotttt~ model pics of her, hahahah

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