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the Kalinka legacy [challenge] part 31

archive+family treedownload-a-Kalinka
warnings: none

this is post number #100 of this journal. whoo

i love this family so much <3 <3

getting trolled by your new neighbours: you're doing it right. Chervil has a lot of nerve, pulling pranks on a criminal mastermind D:

i had no idea Vamsi was so serious. hmm, i have a feeling Chervil will be sleeping with the fishes soon..

Amalia inherited Scarlet's magical skills and became a neutral witch for now

reading a book written by Amalia (:

OKAY. that's it. the heiress has died, and this legacy is over. thank you for reading and goodbye :/


double HEH.

she took Raj away.. he had food but he didn't eat it! what a dumb dog >:I

ah yes, right. the first babies were born.. twins. Oscar and Gitte.

Oscar. scorpio.

Gitte. sagittarius.

new dog, Anniina. hopefully she'll eat!!

you're attending a wedding, not a funeral...

small honeymoon/vacation spam time:

they will be vacationing here again.. Morris and his antlers demand it

Anniina is a very aggressive dog, but she can still appreciate a good hug...

someone likes tinkering..

their third child, Jippo. he's a scorpio too.

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