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2012-02-02 12:08 am
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so i noticed that some people had found and followed my simblr :'D
it wasn't hard to guess the url, huh?

i made that account way back in august and then forgot about it... i made a new one after that, but got rid of it, since i'm gonna start using the 'original' url now.

here it is,

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2011-12-23 02:58 am
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christmas time

merry christmas, denizens of my flist (and everyone else as well, ofc)~
i love aaaalll of you and i hope you have lots of fun during the holidays! ♥ ♥ ♥

more stiff posebox pics )
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2011-12-19 03:11 am
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2011-12-05 01:16 am
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current mood

ugh, setting up a simblr sure is hard work! i'm gonna give up :I
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2011-09-30 02:28 am
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hiatus, sort of

dunno if you've noticed, but i'm not posting as often as i used to.. and the reason for that is SCHOOL. it's taking away all my energy and inspiration.. x(
maybe some day i'll get it back, but for now i'll just have to stay in this inactive zone..
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2011-08-21 04:10 pm
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pony colors - public service announcement

(this post could also be called "pony colors - a placeholder for color actions???" and/or "pony colors - nevermind, I AM HELPLESS -edition"

you know how i said i'd make & share color actions of my pony colors palette?
well, turns out i don't know how to make actions!! i understand the basics, but i just can't make them work :DDD it's hard to explain, really...
i need to keep studying the magic of ps, and that might take a while..

so i'm just posting this to let you guys know that if you have any desire to recolor stuff with these colors, feel free to do so! ♥
([livejournal.com profile] o4i_4ernye made an eyeset, look! ♥)

in case you want to know what kind of layer effects i personally use when i recolor using these colors:
here's a small 'tutorial'! )
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2011-08-21 01:37 am
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dl-a-Kalinka update

the download-a-Kalinka post has been updated with 7 new sims.
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2011-07-16 05:06 am
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2011-07-13 10:21 pm
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2011-07-09 08:34 pm


î'm sitting here, watching old zombie movies and taking lovey-dovey pics of Bella&Mortimer. yep.
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2011-07-06 08:30 pm
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childhood memories<3

at last, i can play this game again!!<33

..oh no, i made a 'nonsims' tag!! :O