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the Kalinka legacy [challenge] part 19

archive+family treedownload-a-Kalinka
warnings: woohooing, butts

weell u know, my CiJ gifts are 98% ready and i'm impatient, so hey whatever gonna post this now :DDDDDDD!!!!

pics still look horrible..

and Elsa was chosen as the heir. that is nice! :]


trying to tackle her assignments..

college fun times.

so posh

"why can't i get to the laptop??" well umm miss, someone's using it at the moment, you see..

trying to get more 'members' or something like that

she sucks at games..

so cute :D

took them outside for some SPOUSE HUNTIN'

and of course, nothing was good enough for any of them. MEH, MEH EVERYWHERE.

Ursula really likes tickling everybody..


and one of those evil coach bastards caught Yona. sigh

crying because his sports party was a disaster ;(

is Ursula getting arrested?! :OOO

oh no, she found LOVE. i can't remember his name, so let's call him policedude for now



poor policedude, he came here to see his girlfriend, but instead he got harassed by a man in a cow suit :(

woah wtf. the elevator got borked, never seen that happen before. suddenly i just heard Ursula's screaming and.. yah

tried to make her fix it, DENIED. it's ok though, she didn't drop dead :]

thank you, find-a-mate crystal ball. this is a nice. (guess if i can remember his name?)

oh, this is even nicer.

looks like Jamie's getting sick of his siblings.. well, that's understandable. time to get away from them, graduate!

but before that, look at this.. you know what that shirt means, right?
silly Valdemar, your baby isn't an alien. :O

get out, get outtt.


Elsa's room

it's a mess but i like it eeehheha

and here's our CHOSEN ONE, being harassed by one of those goddamn coaches aaaaa >:(

she works in the cafeteria sometimesss

that dormie girl was totally in love with Emil ;_; poor girl, one sided love is not cooool

take note, everyone.. fighting with your sister is a good way to start a new day.

this cheerleader chick, i swear.......

desperate spouse hunting, yay!!! remember how hard it was to find a spouse for the last heir? well, this time it was even harder. i almost cried tears of blood. i did actually take Elsa to some community lots, but i was so frustrated that i didn't even take any pics.. ANYWAY


gah, she's real pretty

a normal day @ this dorm... the blue guy is the cafeteria man, btw.

nothing new here, but let's take a look at what's happening behind them -


who is this mysterious man who stole Elsa's first kiss?!

the matchmaker lady wasn't a complete waste of time after all! this guy is Merle (i actually remembered his name!), one of the not-so-defaultfaced townies i made a while ago
also, ignore those blonde eyebrows.. his natural hair color is totally pink. AND IT WILL BECOME A... GENETIC TRAIT(is that what it's called, uhhm)
i can't wait to throw some makeup on him *__*

traditions, traditions

oh okay then


these two.. :DDD


random community lot pics coming up



taking a small break

..and fishing again. :]

well, you can't always win.

neither can Muriel. she got tricked by this bastard, tried to get her money back, but failed to do so :(

"oh hi, sweetie! ..um, can i talk with your bro?"

and so, Elsa & Merle's first date begins.
waitwhat. HARRY! don't tell me you're spying on your granddaughter?! >:|

Merle's face.. Elsa is a passionate lover!!

oh geez


HAHAHA... i laughed irl when this happened, no lie

she's in a shock, clearly

they ignore Despina and get engaged, yay!


and a dream date it was. afterwards i took Elsa to this thing, hoping it would say something nice about her future love life.. instead it said something career/work related.. >:(/

the first thing she did after getting home. she reaaally likes nature related things.

aww :]

double aww! i can't remember where this guy came from, but he's blue as well! :OO

another first kiss documented.


DDD: right, i forgot to mention..

...i killed some townies&dormies earlier.. so yeah, ghosts. and yes, Emil is also pregnant. holy shit, right?

hmm.. she won't let her own sister touch her baby belly.. what if she turn out to be an overprotective supermommy? D:

graduation time, whoop whoop whoop. no party pics this time, she would have given birth in a hour or two, had to get her out of the dorm...

that's it! :D
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Sim fooooood.... always looks delicious.

So vivid, I always like your updates. :D